Gemini AMPM Ltd become BESA members

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Exciting news for us, but what is BESA?

The Building Engineering Services Association is an association based in the UK. Established in 1904, it was previously known as the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association (HVCA).

BESA focuses on supporting and serving their members active in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control, and management of engineering systems and services in buildings.

BESA created and defined the TR19 standards, which has today become the highest standard for performing ventilation, ductwork and kitchen extract system cleaning. Essentially, BESA have established the best practice for ventilation systems and kitchen extract cleaning and ensure that all member firms deliver consistently high-quality cleaning work to their customers.

TR19 is widely recognised within the building and engineering services sector as the UK insurance industry standard to which all ductwork should be cleaned. Providing clear standards of when and to what standard grease extract systems should be cleaned. TR19 helps restaurants and business owners as well as duct cleaning companies know the frequency of cleaning that is required based on the type of cooking and the hours of kitchen usage.

Cleaning ventilation ductwork and kitchen extract systems to the TR19 standard ensures that all hazardous or flammable grease within the ductwork system is removed making the building safer in the event of a fire in the kitchens. As well as grease dust is also flammable and removing this from the ventilation ductwork and air handling units removes that additional risk of fire for buildings. If dust or grease is left to accumulate this just acts as fuel for any fire which can pass easily down the ductwork system running through a building.

Insurance companies are fully aware of this and only provide their insurance cover to companies who now have a certificate of duct cleanliness that specifies that their ducts have been cleaned to the TR19 standard.

Gemini AMPM Ltd and our Ventilation division Clean Ducts is proud to be an official member of BESA and we ensure that all our ventilation and grease hygiene operatives have done their training at an approved BESA training centre to ensures that we continue to deliver our work to the highest competence and health and safety standards.

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