Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Need ventilation ductwork services or cleaning support?

Kitchen extractors draw grease, hot air and odours away from cooking areas. With use, layers of fat and oil build up on the inside of the metalwork. When exposed to high temperatures and naked flames, these deposits could ignite, and a fire would spread quickly.

Accumulations can also lead to unpleasant smells, contaminated air flowing back into the kitchen and pest infestation, the TR-19 Guide to Good Practice (2013).

Regular assessment and thorough cleaning reduce these risks, and we ensure that your premises’ ductwork complies 100% with current legislation.

What we do

  • Inspect and risk assess kitchen extraction systems
  • Deep clean and remove all grease, right back to the metal on canopies and ductwork
  • Use only environmentally friendly chemicals which are safe to use on metalwork and fire-safety coating
  • Produce certification of compliance (required for insurance validity) on completion
  • Consult with our clients to create on-going cleaning and maintenance plans
  • Provide out-of-hours cleaning services – 24 hours a day, seven days a week

How often should kitchen extraction systems be cleaned?

It depends on how often and how heavily the kitchen is used. Here is a helpful guide:

Light use 2-6 Hours per day 12 Monthly
Moderate use 6-12 Hours per day 6 Monthly
Heavy use 12-16 Hours per day 3 Monthly

To find out more about our kitchen extract cleaning and maintenance services, please call 01444 686038 or complete the form below.

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