Why do I need my Kitchen Extract Cleaning?

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For commercial kitchens with kitchen extract systems it’s the property owners and landlords responsibility to ensure that these extraction systems are correctly cleaned and maintained.

Over time grease deposits can build up within your canopy and ventilation extraction system, which can become a major fire risk. Cooking oils can easily ignite when cooking and fire can quickly spread or be drawn into the extract system. If grease has been allowed to build up within the ductwork system this then becomes the prefect fuel and can cause major fires that spread throughout the whole ductwork system.

Insurers will insist that all canopies, cooker hoods, filters and grease traps are cleaned once a week, with a record kept for insurance inspections.

Internal ductwork Cleaned kitchen extract

If you don’t clean your internal ductwork system regularly then you’re at a greater risk of having ducting fires. Failure to comply is a serious matter with legal consequences.

You will need the support qualified cleaning company with specially trained cleaning operatives who clean through the entire length of all flues and  ducting extraction, including the motors and fans, which should be are cleaned at least every six months

Recommended guidelines for cleaning standards:

These are the recommended standards from BESA’s TR19® Grease – Fire Risk Management of Grease Accumulation within Kitchen Extraction Systems document.

Although not legislative, the B&ES guide to good practice (TR/19) gives guidance on the frequency of the cleaning regime required which will differ for each commercial kitchen premises. It will depend on the amount of cooking equipment, how long the cooking process each day is and the number of days per week the kitchen is in use.

Gemini AMPM / Gemini Ventilation / Clean Ducts Ltd train all our employees to these BESA TR/19 standard to ensure cleaning hatches are installed correctly and safely within ductwork systems and so our customers are complaint. We supply all the necessary certificates and reports to be ready for when insurers request these.

We recommended cleaning frequencies using BESA’s guidance:

Heavy use 12 – 16 hours per day 3 monthly

Moderate use 6 – 12 hours per day 6 monthly

Light use 2 – 6 hours per day 12 monthly

We are also members of the BESCA Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme (VHE)

Within this scheme, as members we have to self-certify our specialist hygiene cleaning to the required industry TR19® Specification and our work will be independently spot checked to ensure we’re cleaning to TR19 standards. This gives our customers peace of mind that the systems we clean will be done properly, are fire safe and compliant for insurance purposes.

Being a member of the Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme demonstration that we operate at the highest level of compliance and competence. You’ll receive a BESCA TR19® Certificate from our cleaning service and

If you have a commercial kitchen with a kitchen extract system or an air ventilation system that you’d like cleaned and disinfected, please get in touch.

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