Vent Ductwork Deep Cleaning

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Returning workers to offices safely. Start preparing now.

If you manage buildings then you’ll know that you need to be getting things ready for your workforce and colleagues to return after the current pandemic is over.

Cleaning all the communal, common areas (inc. lifts) and work spaces with all the frequently touched surfaces such as door handles etc. will be your essential focus. But have you thought about the air supply ductwork which passes through every room and space within the whole building?

We offer ductwork deep cleaning and fogging services to remove many forms of viruses, bacterias and moulds from within your buildings air ventilation system. Our specialist fogging equipment combined with hospital grade Biocide (Disinfectant) within our cleaning process is perfect for reaching all surface areas within the ductwork. Ensuring that your buildings fresh air supplies are free from contamination and ready and safer for people to return to work.

If you have a building with air ventilation that you’d like cleaned and disinfected, please get in touch.

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