Kitchen Deep Cleaning

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From time to time any commercial kitchen needs a full deep clean to ensure that all the areas that fall outside kitchen staffs normal routines or get missed over time. Waste and food can build up behind units and down the cracks between cooking equipment. Grease gets baked onto metal when in hot cooking areas around the gas or electric hobs and can carbonise in a solid form that requires specialist deep cleaning to get it back to being clean and hygienic.

Our highly skilled cleaning team are all fully trained and experienced in deep cleaning commercial kitchens. We clean everything from the floors, walls, equipment, units as well as the kitchen extract system and ductwork depending on the level of service that you require.

We have the highest quality of service and a tried and tested method that delivers busy chefs and restaurant owners with a fresh and clean kitchen to work and create great meals from.

Reduce the risk of food poisoning from harmful bacteria or food contamination that can occur in kitchens that aren’t fully and regularly deep cleaned.

Having a clean kitchen area reduces the risk of pest and vermin infestations by regular removal of food debris from in-accessible areas.

Baked and carbonised grease will be removed from your hot cooking equipment giving you better control of your cooking temperatures and reduces the risk of contaminating your food and cooking.

By regularly cleaning your kitchen extract and ductwork system reduced smoke and fumes and nasty smells reaching your restaurant and customers.

It also prolongs the life of kitchen equipment and extract systems. Cleaning the grease out of the system before it is allowed to bake on will allow the air to smoothly be pulled from your kitchen and the fan doesn’t have to struggle to pull the grease and heat away from the kitchen. It also reduces the fire risks that can be caused by allowing grease to build up. Especially where there are hot cooking flames in the environment.

We provide a detailed written report with photographic evidence of our commercial kitchen deep cleaning service, showing all before and after images of the areas cleaned. The Environmental Health inspectors and your insurance will expect to see these.

Having a clean professional working environment helps improve staff morale and encourage staff to maintain good hygiene standards and deliver at their best.

Following a recent kitchen deep clean for one of our clients we had this nice piece of feedback.

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was!! They did an absolutely fantastic job!! Thank you so much.

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