Fire Damper Testing

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Fire dampers are essentially fire safety metal curtain devices that fall within your buildings air ventilation ductwork systems in the event of a fire within a building.

They are designed to stop fire and smoke spreading through a building and are strategically positioned at various places where ductwork passes through fire compartment walls, floors or zones within a building. They are life saving pieces of equipment and a vital part of a buildings fire safety, designed to help contain a fire within a certain zone for a period of time, so that a building can be evacuated and fire fighters can reach and concentrate their efforts on a blaze that has been kept within a contained area of the building.

What needs to be checked when testing a Fire Damper?

Operatives will then need to carry out an internal visual inspection of the dampers looking for:

  • Damage or obstructions to the curtain
  • Internal blades operating and closing fully
  • Spring mechanism working
  • Channels and side rails clear of any obstructions
  • Fusible link in-tact and correct type fitted
  • Dirt, dust or contamination levels of the ductwork that could be causing the fire damper to not fully close or operate correctly in the event of a fire
  • Drop testing the Fire Damper to ensure correct working order
  • Any other faults.

Ensure you are fully fire safety compliant with regular Fire Damper testing and maintenance

Clean Ducts is part of the Gemini AMPM (Asset Management and Planned Maintenance) group of fire safety companies who offer a Fire Damper testing, cleaning and maintenance service, in accordance with BS 9999:2017 so that you know that all your fire dampers are drop tested, cleaned and maintained at least once every year.

If you are the designated fire prevention officer or person responsible for the fire safety within your building and would like your fire dampers tested and maintained with a written report provided to show your compliance then please get in touch.

To find out more about our fire damper testing services, please call 01444 686038 or complete the form below.

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