Ductwork Indoor Air Quality Survey

Need ventilation ductwork services or cleaning support?

Concerned about the air in your building? Breathing-in poor quality indoor air can cause health and wellbeing issues for your employees.

How clean is your air?

As specialist cleaners of HVAC and ductwork systems, we are regularly asked to test the air quality inside buildings and to identify hazards and issues that could be affecting it.

What we do

We examine and take samples and readings from the whole ductwork system; from the fresh air intake louvres, air handling unit and ductwork to the grilles and diffusers for your rooms. Our specialist camera and CCTV kit mean we can reach even the most inaccessible areas. This helps you to build up a clear picture of your ventilation system so you can make informed decisions and plan your maintenance.

Once the survey is complete, we send the samples to an independent laboratory for analysis. We will then put the results into a detailed report with accurate measurements of the air quality in your workspaces. identifying any issues and explaining what we can do to fix them.

We offer

  • Regular surveys to monitor levels of dust or grease
  • Microbiological testing
  • BESA trained team
  • Out of hours service

To book an indoor air quality survey, or to check the levels of dust or debris within your internal ductwork system, please call 01444 686038 or complete the form below.

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Interested in using our services? Get in touch with us today….